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Beam.gg has prioritized features to promote community safety, encourage member interactivity, and easy management tools so
you can focus on the things that matter.


User retention and engagement heavily relies on having a safe environment. With features such as profanity filters and user reports, it’s easy to keep order and create a great member experience. Admins and Moderators also have access to our moderation tools, which lets you send a warning, time out, or ban troublemakers from using the platform.


Members can easily connect and keep conversations flowing with features that encourage community interaction. Beam.gg’s discussion forum gives them a safe space to talk, exchange tips, share feedback, and ask questions with like-minded fans and your brand.
In-app and email notifications keep members up to date with the community, and Beam.gg’s mobile-first design ensures that the platform is convenient and available even when on the go.


Beam.gg provides you with all the tools you need to manage and grow your community. Our community builder allows you to customize colors and upload assets to match your brand. Gain insights on community health and performance through various metrics and Google Analytics integration. Handle moderation queues and easily track moderation activity through audit logs, all within a single dashboard.


Built-in game elements like levels, ranks and achievements help increase participation and user retention, while also providing an extra layer of fun. Members receive points when they gain positive reactions from others, promoting practical actions and interactivity. Points also serve as a reputation system to identify supportive and trusted community members.

Packages in all shapes and sizes

We have a variety of plans that will perfectly fit you and your brand!

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