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What is is a tech company that’s on a mission to make communities interactive, safe, and helpful. lets brands, organizations, and businesses create their community platform to manage, grow, and engage customers or employees.

What is the importance of having a community?

A community makes it easy for you to engage with your customers and members, creating a hub where you can easily find and reach them. It makes it easy for members to have meaningful discussions and connect with your brand and increase loyalty, reduce support costs, encourage customer ideation and feedback, and grow sales.

What type of organization can benefit from having a community?

Any organization that wants to connect with its customers, members, employees, fans, and more can benefit from having a community.

How is this better than just having a social media page?

We see this as a complement to your social media channels. Social media is a standard marketing tool, but you do not own or have direct access to your community or follower data. In essence, you are dependent on the social media provider’s customers to spot and join your community. You are dependent on the rules and algorithms the social media provider has in place. With a community platform, your members are there for your organization and to hear from you!

How do I launch my community?

  • Select the pricing and package that suits your community needs from our pricing page
  • Create your account with and pay for your subscription
  • Set up your community platform by using the user dashboard which contains the community builder. You can customize your platform by picking your community name, adding a logo or profile photo, and choosing a theme. Input your terms of use and community rules or choose to use our default list of rules. Once you are satisfied, you’re ready to launch your community!

How do I manage my community?

You manage your community through the community dashboard once you sign into your community platform. You can log in to your community website and use the same credentials you used to create your account with to receive admin privileges for your platform. 

Can I request a trial?

Yes we provide a 2-week trial period. However, please take note that it takes some time to build up  a community. You shouldn’t expect to see the full benefits of your community within this period. The trial allows you to view the platform, launch your community, and try out the various tools and features you can use to engage and manage your community.

What happens if I go over the number of users limit on my plan? will charge variable pricing of $2 per user per month for the number of users over your plan limit. Alternatively, you can also choose to upgrade your plan.

What happens if I use up my allocated data storage?

We provide extra data storage for an add-on purchase you can add to your account. Alternatively, you can also choose to upgrade your plan.

What are payment options?

We currently accept credit and debit card payments.

Can my community be accessed on different devices?

Yes, your members can access your community on desktop computers / laptops, mobile, and tablet. However, accessing the Beam dashboard and the community dashboard can only be done on a desktop for now. 

What is the community dashboard?

The community dashboard is your control dashboard to manage and moderate your community such as community roles, community rules, report moderation, and audit logs.

What is the Beam dashboard?

The Beam dashboard contains community builder tools, payment settings, and account details. It is the dashboard you used to create your community located on

Do you backup my data?

Yes, your data is automatically backed up.

Can I terminate my account anytime?

As a community host, you can terminate your account by emailing As a community member, you can terminate your account by choosing to do so in your account settings on your dashboard.

Any future plans for

We have additional features and functionalities in our pipeline. We will make announcements to our customers every time we deploy new ones!



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